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SBVC Birmingham VT 2009 - Rules

Match Rules (adult):

  • The playing court is a rectangle measuring 18x9m , surface grass. Net 2,43 for men & 2,24 for woman & 2,43 for mixed team.
  • Each team must have 6 players . Mixed team must include a minimum of 2 ladies on the court at all times.
  • Except for the final, all matches consist of two sets played to 15 points each with a minimum lead of 2 points but maximum to 17 points.
  • Beginning of the matches is announced centrally using a horn.
  • Between the two sets teams must change sides.
  • The rally point system will be used in all matches of the tournament. A serve that touches (the top of) the net is correct.
  • The team at the right-hand of the referee has the first service.
  • Each set starts with a 0-0 score and does end at 15 (17) points.
  • If a team is more than 5 minutes late for a first set, that team loses the set by 15-0. The second set will be played, if the team has arrived in the meantime.
  • If a team fails to referee a match and/or on time, a point penalty will be applied to the teams overall score (which will be decided by the Tournament Committee).
  • A team earns 1 point for each set won and 1 point  for a won game. So the possible final scores after two sets played are: 3-0 / 2-1 /1,5-1,5 /  1-2 / 0-3.
  • Except for the final, time-outs are not allowed.
  • The final will be played between the two teams with the most tournament points. In the event of a tie, places will be decided on scores accumulated during the tournament.
  • The final consists of normal sets till 25 points (with the Rally Point System and a 2-point difference) and best of two sets. In the third set 15 points must be scored (with the Rally Point System and a 2-point difference to a maximum of 17). In the third set, teams switch sides when total points equal factors of 8.
  • Teams must play with the players named at the beginning of the tournament. In the event of spare players used to make up other teams, those players must remain with the same team they started with. No transfer between teams is allowed. The exception to this rule is in the event of injury and teams should consult with the organising committee beforehand.
  • The referee can disallow rude play.
  • No protest against the decisions of the referees is possible.
  • Any objections should be brought to the attention of the Tournament Committee after a game has been played.
  • With the exception of the rules above, standard FIVB rules apply.
  • In case of doubt not captured by the rules above, the Tournament Committee decides.




    To be continued...........


For further information please contact Tournament Secretary:

Contact: Grzegorz (Greg)

Mobile : 07851387308

e-mail: b.v.c@vp.pl

Skype : seniorgrzes Skype Me™! GG : 2020830 , Moje Gadu-Gadu spik : seniorgrzes

Wszelkie nieprawidłowości , uwagi dotyczace strony i błędy na stronie proszę zgłaszać pod powyższy kontakt.



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